I’ve waited so long for this,
Even though it was always there,

To feel the cold wet rocks on my bare feet,
While the song birds continue to bleat,
The kelp bubble under the shallow water,
While the tide creeps out making the depth shorter,
Short enough to reach the abandoned ship,
Whose wood rots under it’s veneer of green,
Sunlight plays tricks as the estuary does gleam.
I approach a solitary monolith erupting through the water’s face,
Climbing, reliving past gone youth while memories unwind their lace,
Reaching the top I peer out yonder to the shimmering distance,
Soaking in the beauty and noises of nature in this solitary instance.

Nature’s pull is alive and true,
One can never escape it’s seductive glue,
I relish this treasure that this green earth gives,
And hope that every man gives in to it’s tug and lives.