I dare to see a future without you in my heart,
But I can’t without your words in my head,
They pound and pound from ear drum to drum,
I’ll drink lead so my belly doesn’t churn,
From the immortal butterflies you’ve spawned,
Saw off my wrists not so that I can bleed,
But so that from your shackles I can be freed,
I need not learn lessons from loved and lost,
I need sedation to mask the mental cost,
Of oscillating between joy and sorrow,
So quickly up and so quickly down,
Down and deeper into tomorrow,
Waiting for her face to appear,
It’ll never be missed but always wanted,
It’ll never be relished but always sought,
It’ll never be respected but always met with fear,
I can’t chase her away or hold onto,
Nought left to ponder over,
I’ll set sail from Dover,
Over crashing waves,
To find what my heart craves,
Will I go North or South-East,
At the moment I care least,
I’ll pitch up back home,
Sit upon my lonely throne,
Pity you all from afar,
Cough up lungs full of tar,
Not from smoking,
But from hoping,
That one of you will return,
And my heart no longer burn.