Get out of my head,
I already heard what you said,
Repeated 10,000 times till ears bleed raw,
Same old excuses to justify your unhinged law,
You revolt me Witch down to my very core,
I’m getting sick of your same old shit,
SO this tether you wove round my neck will get bit!

Noone gives two fucks about your troublesome past,
All that matters is that lies and shit pour out so fast,
From every dirty orifice of your body,
Tempted, tricked me in to a sense of trust,
Well I’ll tell you now Witch it was just for that bust!

Hey Witch come here and take a taste of this,
It’s the last damned chance you’ll get to ingest some decency,
You are nothing but wasted time, out of time – you are history,
So I’ll ditch every last lasting memory,
Witch you better believe you are dead to me

Witch you spell bounded me with crocodile tears and lust,
Made me think you were special when initially I wasn’t fussed,
Because before your little game and curses
I saw right through you for shame and hearses.
So come along Witch, I guess you could say that you won,
But you pay the price for wretchedness that comes undone.

Hating is easy when friends betray loyalty,
Witch I treated you as if you were royalty,
Now I hate you for your face – not just the things you do,
You are the spit on the floor, the shit on my shoe,
Bitch you were the worst and now we are through,
Just two stupid months of continuous agony,
I  could never put up with your mindless monotony,
You are a pitiful husk accompanied with shrieking noise,
Always ending up wrong, throwing out your toys.

Well you sorry excuse for a fling, this is all you deserverd,
Another line about your lack of beauty will never be served,

Except just to say – Witch,
You are one hell of a Bitch.