They always said I’d be a Heartbreaker,
With my baby face and awkward charm,
Most girls never have a heart to start with,
So what’s the danger in being false,
I’m too quick for the dull and coarse,
I go for the good ones.
I hurt a good one.
And I’ll never forgive myself.

I find it too easy with words,
To say what is deemed right,
The pen certainly has might,
Though a thick sword does help,
Blessed I guess but still cursed,
In that I can’t find someone,
I won’t do this to.

They still call me a Heatbreaker,
Not sure when they won’t,
But when I don’t break hearts,
It’s instead mine that breaks,
Plunged into icy lakes,
Rip out my oxygen so I can’t breathe,
Give me back my heart and leave.

At least I’m not conceited,
I know what it feels like,
I really do.
I feel for you, I do.
I feel the scars that won’t heal too,
Us broken hearts are united,
But I’ll carry on breaking them.

They call me the Heartbreaker,
Not a giver but a taker,
I’ll take your heart,
Warm it and let it stew,
Until we are through..Broken-heart-broken-hearts-6853604-947-872