Of all the places I’ve come across and been,
And all the people I have acquainted and seen,
There are none that stand out more,
Than the hunter of paradise shore.

Many a throng of tourists gather,
To this serene locale and enjoy the weather,
Many of them are women who aim for a tan,
Mostly they drink though, craving a man,

And there is no-one happier to oblige,
Than the lone stranger watching the tide,
When nightfall comes they are safe no more,
From the allure, of the hunter of paradise shore,

Come nightfall he emerges though he is never known,
As he approaches the demure lady dancing alone,
He grabs her hand and spins her around,
Next onto sanctuary hills where they tumble on the ground,
Down the slopes rolling until the beach they land,
Waves stroke their feet while they copulate in the sand,
She sighs in ecstasy and hopes that this could last forever,
Holding onto the hunter, his hands as calloused as leather,
Drifting off into slumber, she believes this is her man,
But the hunter of paradise shore has instead another plan,
He wanders off into the dunes, waves crashing at his heart,
It still feels empty despite the night getting off to a healthy start,
It still feels empty and small, not growing like a runt,
It still feels empty despite a successful first hunt!
Dawn is still far though he realises distracting him from his cold core,
There is still plenty of time contemplates; the hunter of paradise shore.

He stalks the next bar until he adjusts his fine aim,
A shy woman comes into sight whose trust he will maim,
He approaches her with eyes glinting in the luminous moonlight,
But a fist reaches out by a man who he believes wants to fight,
But the hunter is surprised when the stranger asks him to sit,
The stranger is I and we begin to talk after a cigar has been lit,
I look in his eyes and see icy emptiness with no sign it will thaw,
Many a story of his past I learn from the hunter of paradise shore.

Sad cruel fate landed him in this ominous state,
I tell him now that to change it is never too late,
I tell him I’ve been watching his antics for the past night or so,
And that he not only hurts his prey from actions so low,
You’ll never fill your heart of the hole that continues to grow,
Or melt the deadening ice from your past which you need to throw,
Instead find a girl that makes your heart flutter and shake,
Before you tumble down dunes and your thirst it will slake,
One day you’ll realise it doesn’t matter how many notches you carve,
If you deprive yourself of a soul mate and instead just starve,
So listen right here you hunter of these paradisical shores,
Put down your rifle and your heart may very well thaw!
And with that the hunter listened with moistening eyes,
And knew there and then that he had been living through lies,
He lay down his weapons of his ghastly trade,
No more poaching for him as he rests in the shade,
No longer nocturnal he takes solace from the sun,
And pursues other methods of how to have fun,

The last I saw of him were years later under an old palm tree,
Holding hands with a child and I knew at last he had been set free,
I came and drank coffee with him and his kin,
So calm and serene living a life of no sin,
I looked in his eyes and saw that the ice had long ago started to thaw,
The most interesting man I met was that hunter of paradise shore!