Green steel irises dart out from beneath dark curls,
Changing shades to iridescent blue – while my heart unfurls,
They lock onto mine, the effect immediate amidst changing hue,
Pairing pupils shadow their partners dilating straight through,
Sheer honesty in this moment is painful raw as it is also sombre,
A sharing of this time and moment, true understanding of our wonder,
This happening eclipses before the tides of passion wash over,
While mirrored in the sea-green patterns of my sight passing yonder,
Contemplating our blossoming love – the sea parts to reveal calmer reality,
And with this I show my true eyes – lightening in rapid haste to icy blue,
No longer impenetrable, they reflect my heart and we both now know
– that this love is true.

But the eyes ballad does not end there.
They grow weary and tired before they tear,
Their gazing dance away from each other,
Off to waltz with another pairing lover.