Passion is sprouted from a moment that is instant bliss,
It cannot be explained but once experienced we will always miss,

So we grasp on to next encounters in the hope that something is born,
Like a seed planted we watch as it grows and pray it is never torn,

Once fertilised by emotion it gestates and we gaze at it’s splendour,
Relinquishing past demons and believing that this feeling will be forever,

Like a living being it enlarges the more it is watered and fed,
Through happy combined memories like the first time in bed,

Shared is this brilliance that devours all else in it’s path,
Grey days are now distant and the sun envelopes us as we laugh,

This is what happens when happiness is brought and people ignite,
A coming together of souls is something that is hard won through a fight,

But once achieved it is forever held dear,
Watch as it blossoms and show no fear.