How much anger will I bring,
Tenfold the length – of a piece of string,

Being fucked around by ones you cherish and love,
Pushing me to the edge from which I will shove,

You into a black cauldron of pain and anguish,
Don’t blame me for this chaos for which you wish,

To bathe in your own self-contentment and lust,
For things that are warped and can never be just,

I try to speak sense but I just receive derision,
But you continue to lick that candy of delusion,

So I keep quiet and put on my mask of blissful sedation,
But you should know I have so much raaaage beyond description!

I run and punch air just so I can breathe,
My heart pounds and pounds but no answer I receive,

My anger it boils and swirls and weeps,
You’ll force me to let go and make that leap.

Of which I’d rather not do.

But you led us this to this.

Oh the pain – it vibrates even more so.