Dear Followers,

While you are few in number I thought I would take this opportunity to say welcome to this little, eccentric corner of the internet that I call in an almost eponymous fashion my “Thoughts list” and to give you a little update on what I am working on/aspire for the future.

I have been trying to increase the output of poems/posts. As you can probably tell, if you scroll down, they have been few in number and rather sporadic in terms of timing. This is due to the fact I live a moderately busy life. I spend the majority of my time working (Geologist) and the rest of my spare hours are training (gym), socialising, doing little trips or on here: trying to put new words to paper. I also, as I’m sure most of you do – enjoy doing nothing/chilling.

However with renewed determination, I hope to devote more time to my “work”. I have been in contact with several publishers and I am hoping to maybe release a proper compilation of my poems in the near future.
Though I honestly don’t know if my written work is “good enough”. I have no idea. I’ve had limited feedback from a wide audience and this where you my dear readers – play a very important role!

I want as much criticism as possible! If you don’t like a poem I post on here: say so! Give me ideas, feedback and most importantly be as viciously honest as possible.

Each mind will have a different perspective. Poetry in my opinion is powerful because it can pervade and touch any person if it is written well enough and has emotional content plus relevance. Of course there will always be people who will not derive any pleasure nor meaning from any form of literature. They may not be interested or they merely limit themselves and can be described as a “spiritual desert”; unable to enjoy art in any form. I do not loathe these people at all. Everyone is different in their own unique way.

So please! Please give brutally honest criticism on anything I post on here. In return I can offer you a personalized poem…. In fact I am willing to take requests – give me an idea, theme or even person/animal you wish a poem to be about and I will endeavour to write one for you.

In other news I am perhaps going to open up another blog dedicated to politics. As this is something I am passionate about. And with the world in turmoil as it is – there is a wealth of topics to delve into and debate over. I will keep you abreast of any developments, pertaining to this.

So as this space hopefully grows and flourishes into something more than a derelict list of my previous works – I will leave you with a little saying of mine I am fond of.

“Never climb a tree whose fruit you can’t pick,
Even succulent rewards will still make you sick.”

Make of that what you will. It can be interpreted in several ways 😉

Best Regards,