Requiem for a broken soul,
I like to think I have it all,

But the hole is there and gazing through,
I can see there is nothing left to do.

Except bide my time and reconsider past regrets
Elusive yet bold is the conscious that cements and sets.

Latch onto me as I latch onto you,
Heal the spaces unwoven – thatching like glue,

Don’t bother me with the fact these metaphors,
Are dinosaurs of idioms wrapped into clever thoughts,

I’ll bare it all, make no sense at all
It’s not for you that these words onto paper do fall.

So what if it’s like lyrics or flying bat-words out of hell,
Diliberate, intentional, dimensional, critical sentences I yell!

This is for me and all the broken souls too
Who traversed through pain, caged in a zoo,

Filled to the brim with beasts of the mind,
Their escape mired by fears that are sired by their kind.

Naturally you can relate and if you don’t, shut up
No point to berate if you can’t even keep up

With these dinosaurs of idioms flowing through the broken soul
Relinquish, extinguish, distinguish and never reach your fucking goal.