Head held high,
Shoulders flexed back,
Eyes on the sky,
Light rises from the black,

Free yourself from nerves,
Keep calm, stay strong,
Direct – never fearful curves,
Step at a time, won’t take long.

Cold, listless men swarm,
Keep straight, don’t falter,
Repair the sinews that are torn,
March, don’t give in to the slaughter,

Raise that lip, make them proud,
Charge with purpose and pace,
Roaring confidence – so loud,
Snarl and commit with haste,

Frothing, foaming as you grow near,
Thundering through coward herds,
Throw fists with intent and no fear,
Let them see anger come towards,

Bite, tear and gnash,
Stamp, hurl and smash.
Tear limb from limb,
Discard reason, stay dim,

So that you may without hesitance or regrets,
Deliver unto him past threats,
Thumbs into his eye,

And let him hear your battle cry.