Emotions coursing through every inch of my being,

Telling me to chase and hold on to without seeing,

What lies await for us in future pastures,

Whether our passion binds or it fractures,

Regardless I am careless,

For feelings of doubt and sadness,

Because all I felt when I gazed into your eyes,

Is our future interwoven – It tells no lies,

Beauty unparalleled beyond compare,

Kindness so bright it illuminates your hiair,

In the mellow dark sky of that fateful night,

When we first met and you brought me into the light,

Made me weak in the knees – I had no hope to resist,

Our time together – no man could ever desist,

From shouting to the heavens what perfection you are,

Village to town, mountain to sea, I declare,

That without you right now life is a lot more dull,

My heart yearns for you yet our time together fate will cull,

Our roads may diverge but they also cross and intertwine,

Your adventures and mine will only serve to make time,

Seem more precious when we are reunited and I can call you mine.