Rufus you lived and were always held dear,
You may be gone but I will always care,

Listening out for your rapid little feet,
Tap-Tapping across our kitchen floor they did bleat,

A companion more loyal than any pedigree dog,
You tailed me round like a tumblr girl follows a blog,

I can see you now with your shimmering blue-grey fur,
Deep inside emotions evoked they do stir,

You enriched our lives like no other creature could,
If I could have you in my arms again I surely would,

Temper any storm, disaster or ordeal,
To have you return and my heart doth heal,

But that’s not gods wish and so I’ll let you rest,
Just know that everyday I cherish at no ones behest,

All our memories enshrined and doth combined,
Due to the fact a little rabbit could feel and be kind,

I hope you are now without pain and running free,
Just know that a better rabbit there can never be,

Some of you reading may scoff, joke and deride,
But I pity the fool who never had a Rufus – by his side.