I’ll make sure I save you, nothing can stop me in this moment,
I’ll fight and fight so you never again have to lament,
Trapped in sadness, never again will we be sombre,
Danger from every angle, pursuing you in crazed horror,
I’ll punish these evils that threaten our existence,
I’ll protect you till our dying day so we make the distance,
Never again will our backs be against this sharp wall,
Outbound  to outrun these dark days and stand tall,
I’ll clench my fists and jaw  till my blood runs white,
I’ll Lacerate, eviscerate until all they have left is fright,
Unleash hell on these creatures that dare test our will,
Returning fire we have started, guard up and blood spill,
I’ll wrap you in steel that my heart hath woven,
I’ll get stronger and braver, no shadows left mistaken,
Their malignant ways will end through will and might,
Corpses, distorted by forces retorted while we leave on a path of light.