Like fireflies we dance through the night,
You try to resist but cant put up a fight,
My charm is like honey and your resistance is futile,
Fly from this place with my wings and have some fun for a while.

Staying as stoic as you can though through holes I see your weakness,
Exploit them with tales of strength and talent,
You latch onto my ascension to hide your meekness.

I like your laugh, but then again – in the morning it will be old,
I can’t say with your looks and bosom that I am quite sold,
My desire is free and can’t be chained; oh how so shallow,
Forgive me my glimpsing fling; for I am anything but callow.

My light is brighter, it took you years to see it enhance,
You along with many others missed your last chance,
Because I’ve seen beyond these caged walls,
Of the same clubs and bars and shopping malls,
My light is flying up high and out of range,
Excuse me darling but get out and keep the change.