Passion like a loveless flame

Injected straight through to my brain
From whence it came, it bears no shame,
Holding on forever and ever, till my heart it does maim

When will I find what I can truly keep
No more ecstasy – I want more than a momentary leap

More than just lust coursing through my vein
A mountain so steep it drives me insane

Clinging on to ideals worth more than how a person may look
Not like make-up, persevering like morals in a book

Fantasies of fallacies of how she may be the one
But her soul is cold, while her lips burn hot like the sun

Using all my force, I aim for the source, showing no remorse
Retracting broken promises, screaming with a voice to coerce,
Backing away inch by inch, onto her head I try clinch
Don’t leave me, don’t go, without you time does not flow
I am sorry my hated love.. But this time you must go.