Like a spear thrusted through darkness unknown,
I am standing here like a doll portraying a frown,
That’s what we are all hoping and trying, to do without dying
Presenting or displaying an image, giving passionate homage,

To a façade, we all desire and need,
Yet why can’t we just give up and be freed.

They say no hope, return me the soap,
To cleanse and scrub this husk,
My life reborn when I sip at dusk,
From the embers of deceit and debauchery I cradle this sin,
Getting higher and higher from a drink straight from a bin,
Of neglect and short-term green pastures reborn,
But just as it gestates it pierces straight through like a thorn.

I am holding on to the cliff of former pride and glory,
Not wanting to vanish into the depths of sadness and worry,

So for one last time lets transfigurate so we can configurate and make one final blow,
While I sit and contemplate and just wish… it wasn’t so.